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  • Reader feedback: "I decided to print it out, and while I was waiting impatiently by the printer, I was watching the pictures of Bhumi openings as they emerged. I never really saw the point of these before, but I suddenly realised that you can see the natural state in their eyes! Now I see!" Download What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice, free of charge. 3.10.2018.
  • Join Open Heart Yoga Online Empowerment through Zoom Video Chat on Sat 20th October. This highly effective practice that combines energywork and natural meditation can be learned through online empowerment and video lessons. Welcome all! 26.9.2018.

  • 130th person (out of 132) awakened through Guidance to Awakening today. The awakening process is supported by a specific technique called The Two-Part Formula, that strikes at the bull's eye of the selfing mechanism, causing awakening or insight into selfless nature of mind. Find the technique and guided practices on video from our website, free of charfree of charge. 21.9.2018.
  • What's Next?-book is now available in epub and mobi. Download here. 19.9.2018.
  • Kim Katami's New Book Is Finally Here! Read and download for free! Interview with Kim Katami at Open Heart Sangha YouTube channel. 12.9.2018.
  • Kim's Skype sessions are available again. See info at Online Services. 11.9.2018.
  • Kim's new book "What's Next? On Post-Awakening Practice" will be published on Friday 14th of September on this website for free. On the following Saturday 15th of September there will be a Book Launch via live webcast at Facebook. Join in! 7.9.2018.

  • Kim will soon release his second book on the topic of post-awakening practice. It will be available for free. Stay tuned! 4.9.2018.
  • Calendar updated with Online Retreat in September. 13.8.2018.
  • Calendar updated, 6.8.2018.
  • Hi folks! There are still a few open spots on the upcoming Summer Retreat in UK 18.-25.8.2018. This retreat will be a bit different from other retreats as we focus on love, compassion, do a lot of chanting and as usual sit nonmeditation. Its an amazing venue and its going to be a great retreat.

    You can find details of it in the link below. Everyone is welcome!
    You can find the booking form here:

  • The fees of learning Open Heart Yoga online have been lowered. The next empowerment of Open Heart Yoga Level 1 will be given on Saturday 1st of September. Welcome! 17.7.2018.
  • The upcoming online empowerment to Tibetan Heart Yoga on 7th of July will be free of charge. Go to calendar and register now, limited number of seats. 30.6.2018.
  • Learn Tibetan Heart Yoga Online. Next empowerment will be given on Saturday 7th of July. Check details from the calendar and register now. 14.6.2018.
  • Erik Pema Kunsang, a well known buddhist teacher, author and translator has given his endorsement to the Two-Part Formula that is used in Guidance to Awakening. 13.6.2018.
  • Birmingham City Retreat in September has been rescheduled for December. See calendar. 12.6.2018.
  • Thank you to all those who joined the city retreat in Birmingham, UK, in person or through webcast. Next webcast teachings will be streamed from Dublin, Ireland, in July. Find time details from the calendar. You are welcome to join in person too! 11.6.2018.
  • This weekend there will be some Facebook live streams, guided tantric and nonmeditation practices, from Birmingham (UK time zone), either in Open Heart Sangha or Open Saturday 9-11.30 am & 12.30-3 pm.

    Sunday 9-11.30 am & 12.30-3 pm. Welcome! 1.6.2018.

  • Our head teacher Kim Katami will give an empowerment to The Song of the Vajra on Saturday 9th of June (time changed) at Facebook. All are welcome to join the session, free of charge. Find the event here. 30.5.2018.
  • The teaching staff and the head teacher of Open Heart have released our Safeguarding Policy. 20.5.2018.
  • Tibetan Heart Yoga of Guru Rinpoche is a master practice of tantric vipashyana and nonmeditation (dzogchen atiyoga). What makes the practice special and especially effective is how the powerful blessings of the buddhas is injected into the mind with the outcome of immense purification within a very short time of practice. Applying the different techniques of Tibetan Heart Yoga also reveals the natural state, the empty awareness of all buddhas, which is the pinnacle of all buddhist paths. Tibetan Heart Yoga is meant for common laypeople with jobs and families. Join Tibetan Heart Yoga Level 1 teachings on the first weekend of June in Birmingham, UK. 20.5.2018.

  • Last week we had two retreat intensives in Dublin, Ireland. The City Retreat was joined by 22 people from UK, Ireland, Norway and Finland. Three people received confirmations of their awakening and the retreat itself helped five people to open their next bhumis. Thank you to all who joined! Find upcoming courses and retreats from the calendar. 15.5.2018.
  • Teachings-menu and the Intro-page has been thoroughly updated. 11.4.2018.
  • All our residential and non-residential/city retreats can now be joined by all interested! Guided Tibetan Heart Yoga-sessions are restricted to those who have learned Tibetan Heart Yoga level 1. Welcome! 10.4.2018.
  • 120 people so far have woken up through The Two-Part Formula. These people range from long time meditators to complete new comers. Find the instructions and loads of free materials from this website. 8.4.2018.
  • Learn Tibetan Heart Yoga in Dublin Ireland 20th-22nd of April. Find details from the calendar, 15.3.2018.
  • Next online empowerment of Tibetan Heart Yoga through Skype will be on Saturday 14th of April at 10-11 am Finnish time. Register now. 14.3.2018.
  • Welcome to a City Retreat (non-residential) at Helsinki in April. Find details from the calendar. 28.2.2018.
  • Next online empowerment and course of Tibetan Heart Yoga will be held on Sunday 4th of March. See calendar and book your seat now. 20.2.2018.
  • Finally! Awake! -ebook has been updated. Get it for free here. 10.2.2018.
  • 129 people until today have awakened through the Two-Part Formula freely taught by Open Heart. 9.2.2018.
  • All 3 levels of Tibetan Heart Yoga can be learned through online courses. Read info here. 7.2.2018.