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15 Guidances to Awakening

Offered for Free

Update: We received 10 applications that were all approved. New applications are not accepted any longer. We will publish a written report of this experiment when all guidances have been finished.

Open Heart teachers (Kim, Karl and Jon) would like to offer an opportunity for people with little money, to undergo Guidance to Awakening, for free.

Open Heart started to offer one-on-one Guidance to Awakening through email in 2014. It has shown to be very effective with over 130 succesful guidances so far. These guidances have lasted from 2 emails to 5 weeks, with the average of 5 days.

The heart and soul of this process is the so called Two-Part Formula (2PF). It is a simple technique that hits at the core of the selfing mechanism and therefore can effectively neutralise the compulsive grip of the subject-self. It has worked for people with various training histories but also for people who have no prior training at all.

Definition of Awakening

A sense of me-ness becomes accumulated through our lives without us noticing it. Existential confusion and seeking for purpose is caused by the sense of self. We become locked into being small entities, that we assume sit inside your heads, looking out through the eyes. Because of this false identification, we loose the original freedom and sense of ease.

Awakening means that one's sense of ”me” or ”I” becomes seen through. Before awakening, one believes that I exists as a separate entity, like all other entities. After awakening this belief is gone. Then people and things in life can be met in a fresh way, without the burden of the self.

Awakening is the first irreversible shift in perception. After awakening there is a lot more to go but it is a solid start. Awakening is the most important and sought after aspect of buddhist teachings.

Guidance to Awakening

To undergo guidance, you have to prepare yourself and commit to the rules of the guidance (see links below).

If you are new to the materials, you need to take 1-2 weeks to prepare yourself for the guidance by reading the Awake!-ebook, and by listening to the video lectures and guided practices. You need to familiarise yourself with the 2PF well before the email correspondence is started. There are no exceptions to this rule. In 15% of cases, awakening already happens during preparation.


Kim Katami, Karl Eikrem and Jonathan O'Donovan are all Open Heart teachers. They all are fluent in English. Karl can give guidances in Norwegian and Kim in Finnish.


This guidance is not suitable for people with severe mental illnesses.

Write a short email where you tell about yourself (name, age, occupation), your practice history (if you have any) and give a reason why you apply for free guidance. Send your email to kimkatami at hotmail dot com, replace at with @, dot with . and remove spaces. Applications can be sent right away.

Guidances will take place in chronological order. For this reason you may need to wait for your start for 1-2 months.

If you don't fit the 15, you will be notified.


Guidance to Awakening:

Two-Part Formula/How to Become Awakened:


Video 1/2: How to Become Awakened:

Video 2/2: How to Become Awakened: