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1. Kim Katami, Head Teacher

2. Pauliina Katami

3. Karl Eikrem, Assistant Teacher

4. Jonathan O'Donovan, Assistant Teacher

Kim Katami

In my life I have experienced an insecure childhood, depression during youth, panic attacks, anxiety, heavy use of alcohol, a divorce, obesity, a long burn out, finding a new partner, becoming a father and an adult. At the same time since childhood I have been repeatedly visited by spiritual masters, had memories of past lives, did yogic practices spontaneously, had many cessations (nirodha), started meditation, practiced it eagerly and gained some understanding.

I have studied with many dharma teachers, lived in a zen monastery in Japan, worked as a shiatsu therapist, trained in martial and zen arts, schooled meditation instructors, did and guided a couple of hundred retreats, founded Open Heart sangha and together with my wife received a great amount of dharma treasures which constitute the Open Heart-method. I've been called a dharma treasure revealer (tib. terton) and an emanation (tib. tulku) of a Tibetan dzogchen master by lamas of the nyingma tradition. I have received several dharma names and titles from my teachers, incl. Orgyen Pema Rinpoche, Acharya Babananda* and Hoken Sensei** ().

*Sivakami Om Anandi - Mahasiddha Thirumular- Tamil Shaiva-lineage

**Terayama Tanchu Sensei - Omori Sogen Roshi - Hakuin Zenji - Rinzai Zen-lineage

I hope that Open Heart helps many beings on the individual, as well as national and universal level.

Open Heart-blog:

Listen: The Lion-Faced Guru Podcast.