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Deities and Empowerments

of Open Heart Yoga

Open Heart Yoga has 3 levels of techniques and 3 levels of empowerments.


You receive the 1st level empowerment when you learn Open Heart Yoga (OHY) level 1. There is no bhumi requirement for this. After learning OHY1, you may join Open Heart Sangha-group at Facebook, if you feel that this is the path you wish to follow.

The 2nd level empowerment is received when you open the 6th bhumi. Simultaneously you will also get access to OH11-group at Facebook which is a discussion group for this level of practice.

The 3rd level empowerment is received when you open 11th bhumi. Simultaneously you get access to OH13-group at Facebook which is a discussion group for this level of practice.

OHY2 and OHY3

For learning a new level one has to have properly learned the techniques of the previous level. For learning the techniques of OHY2 or OHY3 one has to join courses in person or online. We have recorded video lessons of both levels. Usual course fees apply.

All levels are meant to be practiced together.

Guru Rinpoche & Yeshe Tsogyal Empowerments

First Initiation – Two syllable mantra

1. Guru Pema (Guru Rinpoche/Padmasambhava)

2. Guru Dorje Drollo (GR)

3. Guru Dorje Naljorma (Yeshe Tsogyal's aspect, Vajrayogini)

4. Guru Nyima Ozer (GR)

5. Guru Yum Chenma (YT, Prajna Paramita)

6. Guru Dorje Chang (GR, Vajradhara)

7. Guru Yang Chenma (YT, Saraswati)

8. Guru Kuntuzangpo (GR, Samantabhadra)

9. Guru Kuntuzangmo (YT, Samantabhadri)

10. Guru Menla (GR, Bhaisajyaguru)

11. Guru Chenrezig (GR, Avalokiteshvara)

12. Guru Jetsun Dolma (YT, White Tara, Avalokiteshvari)

Second Initiation – Three syllable mantra

(received at 6th bhumi)

13. Guru Drakpo (GR)

14. Guru Drakmo (YT)

15. Guru Gonpo (GR, Mahakala)

16. Guru Gonmo (YT, Mahakali)

Third Initiation – Four syllable mantra

(received at 11th bhumi)

17. Guru Troma Nagpo

18. Guru Troma Nagmo

19. Guru Dorje Phurba (GR, Vajrakilaya)

20. Guru Rikchema (YT, Red Tara, Kurukulla)

21. Guru Nidra Ma (YT)

22. Guru Nidra Pa (GR)

23. Guru Nidrani (YT)

24. Guru Nidraya (GR)