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  1. Sutra Mahamudra, Child Rigpa joining Mother Rigpa, advanced level, guided session, 30 min. Recorded in 4/2017. 30€.
  2. Vimalamitra's Wisdom Meditations, Vimalamitra Semdzin, full series. Over 6 hours of teachings and guided practices. Recorded in 7/2017. 80€. 
Restricted, available only to Open Heart-practitioners
  1. Guru Rinpoche's Rainbow Body-teachings, recorded in 1/2017, 6 parts. 50€.
  2. Guru Garab Dorje's Rainbow Body-teachings, recorded in 4/2017, duration 1 hour. 30€.
  3. Transformation of the Sex Drive or Other Desires, recorded 8/2018. 20€.

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