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Open Heart is a method of pragmatic dharma aimed at attaining full enlightenment, also known as buddhahood, in a single lifetime. Our approach is modern, suited for common lay people, yet is based on ancient principles. Open Heart teaches nonmeditation as its main view and method. To effect a profound transformation of the mind and its many habits, we do mainly tantric (vajrayana) practices but also sutric, both strongly based on common ethics. 

The formal name of our tradition is Pemako Buddhism which is a tantric branch of devotional Pure Land Buddhism, discovered by our founders. Pemako refers to our innate buddhahood that is hidden but which can be revealed with the help of our Gurus, Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal, and their teachings.

Open Heart often draws the attention of people who can think for themselves or those who have spent considerable time training in other methods. This is because we put a lot of emphasis on understanding and explaining what we are doing with practices. Open Heart, like any yogic systems, does not encourage religious or faith based views. One's own practice and experiences gained from that are essential.

Open Heart-method has two main parts, each with their own set of practices:

  • Awakening, (The Two-Part Formula)

  • Transformation of one's dualistic mind with Open Heart Yoga

  • Nonmeditation (dzogchen atiyoga)

Open Heart-teachings are taught at courses, retreats and other intensives.

The mission started in 2008. Open Heart is practiced by people on four continents, in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Norway and Finland.